How Walkii Works

For Piano VX users, implementing Walkii is a simple 3 step process with no major code changes or development resources required. 

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    Add Snippet

    Simply add Walkii.js into the Piano offer templates you'd like to display Walkii in

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    Connect Piano

    Conect your your Walkii and Paino accounts via the Piano API

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    Set Display Rate

    Decide how often Walkii is shown on your chosen offer templates

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Add Walkii to your publication in less than 10 minutes

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    Add Walkii.js to your Offer Templates

    Using a Piano custom-script directive, add the walkii.js script to the offer template or templates in which you'd like to show the Walkii option.

    Most publishers start with the offers targeted to their lowest converting traffic.

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    Connect your Piano API account to your Walkii account

    Add your Piano API details and validate the connection between the two platforms. 

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    Set how often Walkii is shown as an option in your selected offer templates

    From 10% to 100%, you control how often Walkii is shown as an option to new users seeing your selected offer templates. 


Get Started with Walkii

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